Roseburg Urban Sanitary Authority VFD Replacement

Oct 15, 2021

The ABB ACQ Water drive offers high efficiency with an easier-to-use interface, as well as quiet operation. The drive features low energy consumption and optimal motor control, with a built-in energy control mode, and energy calculators to help the users monitor and fine-tune processes. The ACQ drive also has built-in water application functionalities, including intelligent multi-pump control, sensorless flow calculation, soft pipe fill, pump protection, and cleaning functions which are specifically designed for use in water utilities.

“Basically, the new variable frequency drives are using fewer amps to pump the same amount of water the old drives pumped,” says Dave Bobbett of Whitney Equipment. “They are very easy to program, and run very quietly.”

And they fit the existing enclosures, a big plus for RUSA’s budget. Whitney Equipment tries to save its customers money – as much as 40% – by retrofitting whenever possible. In RUSA’s case, the new drives fit the cabinet footprint, and the airflow, fans, and ventilation were all in good shape, allowing for a trouble-free installation.

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