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Whitney Equipment Upcoming Bids:

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Taylor Bay. WA – Kubota USA

Bids: 05/30/2023  COB
Areas Bidding: Submersibles Mixers, Submersibles

Kent, WA – Washington Avenue South Stormwater Pump Station (Re-Bid)

Bids: 05/31/2023  11:00 am
Areas Bidding: OneLift, Submersibles

Pasco, WA – Four (4) Flow Meter Systems 

Bids: 05/31/2023  1:00 pm
Areas Bidding: ISCO Flowmeters

Kittitas, WA – Benton Street Lift Station Improvements

Bids: 06/01/2023  11:00 am
Areas Bidding: Submersibles

Coos Bay, OR – WWTP1 Phase 1A Improvements

Bids: 06/06/2023  2:00 pm
Areas Bidding: Whipps

Post Falls, ID – Corbin Lift Station Replacement

Bids: 06/08/2023  1:00 pm
Areas Bidding: Submersibles

Lacey, WA – Lift Station 34 and 37 Rehabilitation

Bids: 06/08/2023 2:30 pm
Areas Bidding: Submersibles

Granite Falls, WA – Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade

Bids: 06/15/2023  2:00 pm
Areas Bidding: Submersibles, Lightnin, Submersible Mixers, ISCO, Whipps