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Sitka, AK - Critical Secondary Water Supply

01/19/21       2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: PSI, Poly Processing

Baker City, OR - Wastewater System Improvements

01/19/21       2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Whipps, Vertical Turbine

North Bend, WA - WWTP High Priority Improvements

01/27/21       2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Submersibles, PP, Flygt Mixer, Lightnin, Whipps

Vancouver, WA - Industrial Pretreatment Lagoons

02/09/21       11:00 am

Areas to Bid: Whipps

Winlock, WA - Winlock Sewer Extension

02/11/21       2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Submersibles and Control Panel

Camano Island, WA - Camano Vista

02/12/21       2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Goulds

Hillsboro, OR - Rock Creek AWWTF Centrifuge

02/17/21       2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Whipps

Vader, WA - Vader WWTP Improvements

02/19/21       2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: PSI, Poly Processing, ISCO

Paco, WA - WWTP Improvements - Phase 1

02/24/21       2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Whipps



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