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Seattle, WA - UPS BFI Gateway

04/27/21     COB

Areas to Bid: OneLift, Submersibles, and Controls

Mid County, FL - Kubota (Re-Bid)

04/27/21     COB

Areas to Bid: Submersibles and Mixers

Battle Ground, WA - Gardner Pump Station

04/27/21     COB

Areas to Bid: Whipps

Gresham, OR - Groundwater Development Project

04/28/21     2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Vertical Turbine

Cheney, WA  - EWU Construct Sewer Monitoring Stations

04/30/21     9:00 am

Areas to Bid: ISCO, VPC

Bend, OR - Murphy Booster Pump Station Operation Improvements

05/05/21     2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Goulds End Suction

Aberdeen, WA - Sodium Hypochlorite Conversion at WTP

05/05/21     3:00 pm

Areas to Bid: PSI

Camano Island, WA - Camaloch Water Distribution System Improvements

05/05/21     3:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Goulds Booster Pumps

Pierce, ID - City of Pierce Wastewater Improvements Project - Phase II

05/06/21     2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Submersibles, VPC

Pasco, WA - WWTP Improvements - Phase I  (Re-Bid)

05/07/21     2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Flygt, Whipps, Meunier Valves

Tulalip, WA - Water Reuse Project At Bernie Kai-Kai Gobin Hatchery

05/07/21     2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Goulds, Flygt, Whipps

Cold Bay, AK - Cold Bay Airport Snow Removal Equipment

05/07/21     3:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Poly Processing

Moses Lake, WA - IWW New Well Pump House

05/11/21     2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Goulds VT

Stevenson, WA - 2021 Collection System Improvements

05/14/21     2:00 pm

Areas to Bid: Submersibles

Yakima, WA - Nelson Dam

05/14/21     11:00 am

Areas to Bid: Goulds In-line



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